Teenage Cancer Trust hires new Director of Finance, Performance and Governance



George Crockford has joined Teenage Cancer Trust as Director of Finance, Performance and Governance.

Following a series of appointments to its Services Directorate, Society was thrilled to support Teenage Cancer Trust’s world-leading and young person centred cancer care through this key strategic finance hire.

We worked closely with Kate Collins to and her senior team to identify a clear brief that highlighted the progressive, strategic financial management and business planning and governance aspects of this role. We then built an inclusive process that included a Zoom-based ‘Open Hour’ Q&A session and that enabled candidates to flex their presentation approach in line with their strengths and communication style.

George impressed with his strategic financial planning abilities as well as his inclusive approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. Previously he held roles at the National Audit Office and in local government, and is honorary treasurer for the National Deaf Children’s Society.

George commented on his experience with Society: “I found working with Society a great experience. Lots of thought has been put into making the recruitment process as inclusive as possible. The staff from Society provided lots of explanation of the process, the aim of each stage, and insightful feedback after each step. As someone with a neurodiverse condition, recruitment processes can bring additional stress, but Society understood my needs well, and thanks to the design of the process, little to no adjustments were needed.”

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