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We advise on Headteacher and Board/Governor appointments, but also support clients with finding Deputies, Senior/Junior School Principals, and Bursars. Society has worked with international schools and colleges from Mozambique to South Korea, including IB World Schools, proprietorial schools, franchised campuses of established institutions, and innovative pathway providers. 

This sector changes lives and develops the next generation of leaders in Civil Society. However it needs exceptional leadership in order to overcome increasing challenges. 

Independent schools are confronted with intense pressure to justify their charitable status, whilst coping with parental expectations and affordability. State-run schools and Further Education colleges face constrained budgets and a constantly shifting policy landscape. Meanwhile all schools and colleges must balance a focus on academic outcomes with the need to turn out well-rounded students.

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Society offers us a very customised support and a partnership... They work to understand our schools, and what is needed in each cultural context. Their communications are strong... they are responsive and take initiative. Candidates often inform me how well looked after they feel in the selection process.

Dr Graham Ranger

Academic Director, Aga Khan Academies