BrightHive – Data Management for the Greater Good

In 2020, the data management company BrightHive approached Society about the appointment of their first Chief Operating Officer. BrightHive had a strong desire to work with a firm that had the experience to field a strong pool of candidates and also shared its values in measuring success based on the way they work and its impact on the world.

BrightHive is a start-up organization that provides a platform and services to help networks of organizations increase their impact and value by creating the business, legal and technical framework needed to securely and responsibly link their data. Their mission is to see society’s disconnected data be responsibly linked and purposefully used as a force for good that increases efficacy, equity and efficiency.

Society conducted a comprehensive search of many global start-up companies at various stages of growth to identify senior executives with significant operational, business development, financial and legal acumen. The appointed candidate, Suzanne El-Moursi, joined BrightHive while serving as a Partner at a successful venture capital fund in multiple tech verticals, as well as serving as a Board Member for several start-up and non-profit organizations.

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