Amy Lavine has joined GLAAD as its new Director of Institutional Giving

GLAAD is an American nonprofit organization that was founded in 1985 by a group of journalists that were against how the media was portraying the AIDS pandemic in the United States. Since then, GLAAD has become the largest LGBTQ+ media advocacy organization in the nation. The organization monitors to ensure that LGBTQ+ people are being portrayed fairly and accurately. They also serve as consultants for organizations and companies to advise on the best ways to reach the community. Additionally, they are responsible for the GLAAD Media Awards, which honor those who are committed to fair and accurate representation of LGBTQ+ people and issues in different media channels.

Society was asked to help with this important search. We were looking for candidates that had institutional giving experience, working mostly with foundations and corporations. We searched for candidates in a wide variety of nonprofits organizations, from human rights to environmental causes, among other mission driven organization, looking for candidates with a passion for greater good causes.

Amy Lavine became the successful candidate for this role, proving she had the experience, passion and personality to be part of the GLAAD team. “I am excited to work as the Director of Institutional Giving at GLAAD as this is a great next step in my career where I have worked in the LGBTQ Movement for 20 years. Understanding the broad progressive movement is a critical goal in achieving equality in all arenas and asserting the importance of intersectional voices in all public policy discourses.  Raising foundation support for GLAAD's critical programs and training services is an important way to ensure the future success of this movement and to better the lives of all LGBTQ people.”

Amy also shared her experience working with Society: “Society was a great help to me in my interviewing process, helping me navigate multiple meetings and ensuring that I knew about the organization and how I would fit into it.”

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