Schools and Colleges

We work in the education sector purely and simply because we are passionate about it.

Schools and Colleges have the potential to change lives and to develop the next generation of leaders in Civil Society. However we also appreciate that Schools and Colleges face an increasing number of challenges. Independent schools are now confronted with stiff competition, as well as intense pressure to justify their charitable status whilst coping with parental expectations and affordability. State-run schools and Further Education colleges face constrained budgets and a constantly shifting policy landscape. Meanwhile all schools and colleges must balance a focus on academic outcomes with the need to turn out well-rounded students.

Society has worked with international schools and colleges from Mozambique to South Korea, including IB World Schools, proprietorial schools, franchised campuses of established UK institutions, and innovative pathway providers. We are familiar with both day schools and boarding schools, and have a sound understanding of issues related to safeguarding in both environments. Our team has broad experience within the education sector, with colleagues having worked in student recruitment, overseas teaching and as school governors. Although we frequently advise on Head appointments, we also handle searches for Deputies, Senior and Junior School Principals, Heads of Department, Bursars, Development Directors, and key functional leads for areas like HR and IT. 

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