Boards and CEOs

We have handled Board and CEO-level appointments for a wide range of clients based all over the world.

Our work has also allowed us to experience the interplay between management and governance in the context of many different sectors, and we therefore have a strong understanding of the factors that help this crucial dynamic to function effectively. We appreciate the relentless pressure that many organizational leaders exist under today, in terms of both the public and regulatory spotlight, and the increasingly relentless pace of change. We also understand that 21st Century governance is not just about scrutinizing, but also about empowering, horizon-scanning and being a more meaningful critical friend. 

Although our methodology for recruiting a CEO is quite different from the methodology we use when recruiting to a Chair or Non-Executive post, both types of assignment have certain key elements in common. Firstly, appointments at this level are always high-stakes and very visible. As such, they require peak levels of precision, discretion and advocacy from an executive search partner. Secondly, every appointment at this level comes with considerable nuance and complexity. It’s therefore vital that a search partner genuinely listens to those nuances (be it the leadership style required in your new CEO, or the skills/experience/diversity mix required on your Board) and that they shape their search strategy accordingly.