Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) has appointed Karen Doyle Grossman as their Senior Director of Operations



SIYLI started in 2007 as Search Inside Yourself, a mindfulness course created by Chade-Meng Tan, an engineer from Google that wanted to offer his fellow colleagues’ tools to practice mindfulness at work. Due to its successful model, the course became its own organization, becoming SIYLI, currently headquartered in San Francisco but with a worldwide reach through its 400 Certified Teachers.

SIYLI’s leadership team was looking for a seasoned operations professional that had experience with leading and growing organizations. We searched for candidates in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, searching for people that did not only have the professional experience, but also a passion for mindfulness, so we searched for people involved with yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices.

At the end of our search, Karen Doyle Grossman was the successful candidate for this exciting role. Having had leadership experience in institutions such as the Aspen Institute, Mercy Corps, and WorldTeach, it seemed like the perfect fit for what SIYLI was looking for. Additionally, she has had a mindfulness practice for more than 10 years and had founded a consultancy that focused on leadership development combined with ancient wisdom practices called

“Delving into the intersections of neuroscience, adult development, and leadership has led me to reflect on the societal value of mindfulness-based social and emotional intelligence in the workplace. I think this chance to help SIYLI and its new BCorp to develop and scale is a remarkable opportunity to contribute to a much-needed acceleration of human development”, expressed Karen Doyle Grossman when asked about her appointment.

When asked about her experience working with Society, she stated: “What I most appreciated about working with Society is how thoughtful and smart everyone was and, especially, how the Society team champions the candidates as much as they are providing high value to the hiring employer. I felt very supported throughout my experience with Society.”


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