Global research, leadership development and consulting firm Potential Project appoints new Digital Client Experience Director

Robert Hoppe has been appointed as Digital Client Experience Director with Potential Project.

Potential Project is the leading organisational change and leadership development consultancy focussing on mindfulness, compassion, and selflessness. This new role will lead the business' Digital Strategy, developing products and solutions to enhance the client experience.

Society looked for experts in digital product development and strategic leadership within innovative companies from Europe to the United States and around the world. We were seeking someone who could combine signficant technical expertise with a clear passion for Potential Project’s mission to make the world of work more human.

Robert Hoppe comes from Audi Business Innovation, where he not only has held responsibility for digital product development, but also for culture and as a Mindfulness Trainer. Strategically aligning the portfolio of solutions and the culture of the teams alongside professional experience of mindfulness training makes Robert perfectly suited for this new challenge.

Robert had this to say:

"In my eyes, Potential Project is a place where my personal purpose and the one of the organization will meet in order to create something fantastic for the human world of work. As Digital Client Experience Director, I am excited to develop solutions that foster mindfulness and compassion within the corporate world.

George and Jordan at Society kindly and professionally guided me through a unique recruitment process. Many thanks to Danuta, Jenni, Joao, Paula, Rasmus, Rob and everyone else at Potential Project for creating a pleasant atmosphere during my interviews and lastly, for providing this wonderful opportunity."

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