Retail and Consumer

Society has been active in the Retail and Consumer sector since our earliest days. We are incredibly passionate about supporting clients and candidates in today’s fast-paced, multi-channel business world.

We have delivered successful projects around the world: from Tokyo to Istanbul, and from London to New York. Our dedicated Retail and Consumer team has a deep understanding of what makes a best-in-class business in this sector. We get particularly excited about companies that innovate, delight, disrupt, and understand how to connect with their consumers digitally; as well as by companies that are seeking to embed responsibility and sustainability into their core operating model. Our clients range in size from iconic global brands to high street boutiques. We have hands-on experience working for everything from ‘big box’ retailers selling DIY products through to luxury clients selling handbags and jewellery. We are also familiar with the particular dynamics within both founder-led, family-run, and private equity-owned businesses.

Being effective search partners in this sector requires high levels of speed, flexibility and agility, as well as an in-depth knowledge of all functions within the modern retail ecosystem. We know the business competencies that drive the growth of consumer brands today and have a good feel for the leadership profiles that deliver success. We are particularly at home handling commercial, operations, branding, creative, sales, supply chain, product, marketing, OmniChannel and eCommerce appointments.    

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