We’re committed to being a responsible business. We don’t just want to create profit, we also want to play our part in securing a fairer world and a more sustainable future. We're not interested in disjointed or eye-catching initiatives. We want to put responsibility at the heart of our company and how we run it.

As a certified B Corporation, our commitment to responsibility is baked into our very Articles of Association. Society is also independently audited every three years in line with rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. To see the details of our most recent audit, please view our B Impact Report.

For us, responsibility has three core strands:

Our 10% pledge

Each year, Society gives at least 10% of its profits to ‘ The Society Foundation ’. This is a charitable trust that we helped to set up in 2014. Its purpose is to provide grant funding to organizations or programmes that are trying to help potentially vulnerable people into employment. Society’s colleagues also support the Foundation through fundraising efforts and by volunteering their time.

Our business actions

Society was an active member of Business in the Community for several years and became a fully-fledged B Corporation in 2019. We also host two work placements every year as part of an initiative aimed at getting people from excluded groups back into full-time employment. To find out more about our business actions, you can read our latest Impact Report.

Our client portfolio

We are careful and selective about who we work with. To this end, Society has established a simple framework that serves as an internal checklist for us when taking on a new client. This helps us to avoid client relationships that would be incompatible with our core values.

Wherever possible we try to align our work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To see what appointments we’ve handled in these areas, click on one of the images below.