Consensus Building Institute (CBI) has appointed a new Chief Operations and Financial Officer to help the organization continue its mission.

Consensus Building Institute (CBI) is a non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience in providing consulting services to organizations around the world. Focusing on topics that are affecting global society, such as environmental, economic, and social issues. Through a range of collaborative process interventions such as facilitation, mediation, citizen engagement and organizational development, CBI is able to assist organizations to collaborate internally and externally, make better decisions, and reach durable agreements.

CBI was in the search for an individual with experience in not-for-profit operations and finance that could lead these functions in the organization. Society assisted CBI by searching for candidates that had experience in both areas of expertise throughout the Boston area and New York.

The successful candidate was a Director of Finance and Operations for almost 7 years at a not-for-profit focusing on technology.

We wish the best of success to the successful candidate.