Dr Jeff Redding has been appointed Dean of the School of Law and Dr Muhammad Sabieh Anwar has been appointed Dean of the School of Science and Engineering at LUMS University.

LUMS University founded, in 1985 as an institution dedicated to providing world-class management education, has since evolved to become a research university offering undergraduate and graduate programmes through five schools of Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Law and Education. Based on a 100-acre campus, LUMS seeks to build international acclaim as a research university serving society through excellence in education and research. It is an exciting time for them as they look to position themselves as leaders within the Asian higher education space, and the roles of Deans of the Schools of Law and Engineering will be crucial in helping steer the schools towards delivering the University’s strategic goals.

Society conducted a global search across the law and science and engineering faculties of highly ranked, research intensive universities. We sought out candidates who could demonstrate a strong research background, leadership experience and evidence of having worked or researched internationally. We prioritised but did not restrict ourselves to candidates with ties to Pakistan through their research interests, time spent working in the region or personal ties. We also tapped into the network of academics in South Asian law for advice and recommendations, particularly those who were familiar with or had previously engaged with LUMS. 

Dr Jeff Redding completed his education at Harvard University and the University of Chicago. He most recently worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne Law School. He has worked extensively in Pakistan and India, including as a Research Attorney for Lawyers Collective (Delhi) and as Visiting Faculty at LUMS in 2014. His research interests lie in South Asian and Islamic Law.

Dr Muhammad Sabieh Anwar studied at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore and later at the University of Oxford. He worked as a Postdoctoral Physicist in the Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley before returning to Pakistan and joining LUMS, where he recently served as Chair of the Physics Department.  

Jeff commented,

“I am excited to be joining LUMS University during a crucial time for higher education, both in Pakistan and internationally. I am also very much looking forward to working with my talented and visionary colleagues in the Law School, who truly understand and are committed to interdisciplinary legal education in Pakistan and beyond.

Many thanks are due to Shehrazade at Society for providing much encouragement and exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism during the recruitment process. As well, I would like to thank the leadership team at LUMS for engaging with me in very productive and helpful discussions both on campus and afterwards—it truly made all the difference."