We are pleased to announce the appointment of Alicia Parker to the position of Director of Marketing at The Peninsula Hotel New York. In her role, Alicia will be responsible for all Marketing, Sales, E-Commerce and Communications for The Peninsula New York, as well as for overseeing day-to-day operations for the Regional Sales Team for The Americas.

Alicia joins The Peninsula Hotels from Ralph Lauren where she held the position of Senior Director of Marketing and oversaw the development of strategic marketing plans and campaigns for a number of Ralph Lauren brands. Prior to Ralph Lauren, Alicia held the roles of Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Strategy and Group Account Director at various advertising agencies, in addition to working at Warner Bros Records in Publicity. Through her career, Alicia has consulted with many top brands such as ExxonMobil, Boeing, HP and Levi's.

This was a very interesting search to carry out. Our client asked us to map Directors of Sales and Marketing within the hospitality sector and Directors of Marketing in luxury retail. The Peninsula Hotel group are visionary in the pursuit of attracting talent from outside the traditional hospitality arena, bringing a breath of knowledge from alternative luxury sectors

When asked about her experience with Society Alicia said:

“James Lea and the team at Society are top tier recruiters and partners in matching candidates with the right opportunities. I have built a relationship with the team over a number of years and they are very strategic in their approach. I am grateful to James for his unique approach and Society's business model that is retainer-based for the company versus the traditional commission. It enables the team to focus on what is right for the company without any pressure in convincing candidates to take roles when it may not be the ideal fit. Thank you to everyone at Society! I am excited about my new role with The Peninsula Hotels.”