Society support The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited ( HSH ) in numerous areas of their business. One of our latest appointments has been for Peninsula Merchandising Limited, which was established in Hong Kong in 2003 as a wholly owned subsidiary of HSH, who are engaged in the ownership, development and management of some of the most prestigious hotel, commercial properties and residential properties in the world.

Peninsula Merchandising Limited develops and sells a range of Peninsula-branded food products, gift items and award-winning cookbooks. Their retail outlets are located either within their world famous, five-star luxury Peninsula hotels, or within specifically chosen gateway cities throughout Asia.

Julie Bourgeois just joined from Nespresso, part of the Nestle Group, where she was Head of Retail and Development. She will be responsible for the entire management of Peninsula Merchandising Limited.

Julie made the following comment about her appointment:

“When James Lea and Tom O’Brien from Society approached me, I was satisfied with my current employer and was not proactively looking to make a move. Society thoroughly explained the position proposed with Peninsula, the challenges and scope of responsibilities, and took the time to make sure I was feeling comfortable at each step of the process. Society made sure to answer all the questions I had and an open communication with positive mindset was established quickly.

It has been a real pleasure collaborating with Society’s team in this process, and I would recommend Society to any future employers or candidates.”