Society support B&Q in numerous sector specialisms. Our latest raft of appointments have been for their marketing team, who were behind the recent viral “leaked memo” about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Danny Crowe has just joined the marketing team from Proximity London, where he was Planning Director. He will be heading up the CRM function and all direct marketing, working alongside eCommerce luminaries like Mike Durbridge.

Danny made the following comment about his appointment:

“From the moment Society got in touch with me I knew they were professional. They had clearly done their homework on the role and its potential fit for me. Upon meeting them, they went into another gear.

Both Paul and Sara were great, very open and honest whilst generating excitement about the role. And everything they committed to at the first meeting, they delivered. All of the way through the process they were there with support, advice and insight into the people I was to meet. They fed back incredibly fast too, which is vitally important.

I can honestly say that Society are a league above other companies in this sector. I felt they genuinely represented the interests of me and their client, to make both parties feel valued and ultimately to match us together. In a cold online recruitment world, they are a breath of fresh air.”