Is diversity in your recruitment process just a tick box exercise?

With diversity such a hot topic, yet so many companies struggling to apply inclusivity to their hiring practices, we hosted a webinar on practical tips to truly bring diversity into the recruitment process. Our colleague George Berry co-hosted with Sapna Patel and Asha Kaushal at The Social Change Agency ( and invited special guests: Lorraine Copes, Founder & CEO of Be Inclusive Hospitality (; Ola Awosika, Business Transformation Consultant and co-host of Black Card Talks (@theblackcardtalks); and Jamie-Lee Abtar, Executive Director, BAME Programme at Women in Travel (

The conversation covered a number of important aspects of the recruitment process, but it was agreed that the crucial time to consider inclusivity is before the process begins. There is no one-size-fits-all, easy way to make more diverse hires. The conversation needs to be had at the senior level of the organisation about what the real issues are. Have the right people been asked and have diverse voices been listened to?

Thinking about new ways of looking for talent and making sure the position is visible to more people from different backgrounds is then crucial. Focussing on what the role really requires and having a diverse panel to make decisions throughout the process can reduce the impact of bias, but knowing that biases play their part from the beginning is still necessary.

The conversation was rich with insights and uncovered a lot of ideas and techniques worth considering. To watch the recording of the webinar, click the video above. To continue the conversation, ask more, or get professional support with your recruitment, please get in touch via

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