DEI in the United States and our role as recruiters

Despite growing opposition and legal restrictions on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the US, our executive search firm remains committed to promoting DEI in recruitment and leadership to address societal issues and foster inclusive environments.

In the last few years, we have seen how the United States has been divided between those who feel that we need more Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)  initiatives and those who consider it not necessary. In around 30 states in the US, state governments have presented and even passed laws that would limit the integration of DEI initiatives in different settings, such as in education, government, or in the corporate world. In fact, DEI related job postings have reduced by over 35% since 2022. This is alarming as it will limit safe spaces for conversations and actions that not only benefit minorities, but the population in general. 

Society since its inception has been led by DEI and this continues to be a guiding star for our executive search work. For all of our projects, we help our clients identify their diversity gaps, share opportunities with people who identify as minorities and present diverse candidate lists to our partners. It is important to remind each other that DEI programs and initiatives are there not to be divisive, but to unlearn stereotypes against certain groups, respect each other’s differences, and increase opportunities for underrepresented communities without overlooking them because of unconscious bias.

But what is our role in these times where DEI initiatives are being prohibited in crucial settings such as education and public offices? As an executive search firm, we champion DEI in a variety of ways. Through our consultative talent advisory and Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit, we help our clients discuss their DEI footprint when recruiting and develop inclusive and accessible recruitment processes. We use our position to further educate the internal and external stakeholders we work with on the importance of furthering DEI efforts in the professional setting. We also continually audit and evolve our own processes in support enabling diverse leadership appointments.

As an executive search firm, we have the opportunity to present candidates to organizations that can make positive change in the world, be that linked to DEI, climate change or any other pervasive societal issue. With every search that we lead, with every encounter that we have, we can use our voice to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in a time where DEI is under attack.

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