Society updates its unique Client Framework

Our Client Framework is one of the things that makes Society distinctive. It outlines how we approach the task of building and developing Society’s client portfolio, and it provides a starting point for navigating the various ethical questions that we expect to encounter along the way. This helps us to avoid client relationships that would be incompatible with our core values.

We have chosen to put this document in the public domain, so that all Society's stakeholders can understand our philosophy and approach.  

Society has recently made a series of updates to the Framework, including the addition of five more sectors to the list of areas in which we are unwilling to work. These now include the iron, aluminium and steel industries, the chemicals and petrochemicals industry, old-growth logging, concrete and cement, and for-profit prisons. A full list can be seen in the image above.

We have also expanded the list of reasons of why we may decline to work with specific organisations. Our list now additionally incorporates:

  • denying the climate emergency;
  • expressing bigoted, misogynistic, homophobic and/or transphobic opinions;
  • disputing indigenous rights and title.

These changes reflects our continued alertness to the Climate Emergency, our deep concern at the treatment of women and LGBTQ+ people, and our growing awareness of the rights of indigenous communities following our recent incorporation in New Zealand.

However, our Client Framework is not just about who we refuse to work with; it is also about who we choose to work with. Society is privileged to have a fascinating and diverse mix of clients, that share our values and are doing phenomenal and transformative work around the world.

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