Society recertifies as a B Corporation with an increased score of 107.5

The executive search firm Society has today announced its successful recertification as a B Corporation or ‘B Corp’.

Companies looking to certify (or recertify) as a B Corporation must complete the rigorous B Impact Assessment, which tests every aspect of their commitment to high social and environmental standards. To pass the assessment, companies must secure an overall ‘B Impact Score’ of at least 80 points. The median score for businesses on their first attempt is just 50.9.

Society originally achieved certification in 2019 with an overall score of 86.9. Like all B Corporations, we are required to recomplete the assessment every three years, in order to ensure that we are still exhibiting the highest standards of responsible business practice.

In our latest Impact Report, we set ourselves a target score of 95+ for recertification. In the end, we managed to increase our score by over 23%, securing a total of 107.5 points.

Of the 28 executive search firms who have so far become certified B Corporations, this makes Society the third highest scoring in the world, as shown in the table above. 

Society’s Managing Director, Simon Lucas, commented:

“We are proud to have successfully recertified as a B Corporation and to have significantly increased our score in the process. I want to pay tribute to the entire team at Society for this achievement, particularly for the work they have done on our drive towards Net Zero, and on sharpening our support for underserviced and purpose-driven enterprises, and for in-need populations. Today acts as a reaffirmation of our commitment to pursuing purpose as well as profit. But we know that being a responsible business is a continual journey, not a one-off destination. As such, I am determined that we will keep improving and keep collaborating closely with all our stakeholders, in order to continue raising the bar around social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

To see the details of Society’s most recent audit, please view our B Impact Report here.

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