Hampton School Trust appoints six new governors

The Hampton School Trust has appointed six new Governors, who will join the Board over the course of the next 12 months.

Hampton School is one of the country’s leading, most successful and best-resourced independent schools, and has been helping boys to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations for over 460 years. The School is part of the Hampton School Trust, which also includes Hampton Pre-Prep and Prep School. The Senior School has a long tradition as a boys’ school; the Prep School welcomes boys, and both boys and girls in the Pre-Prep. The Schools each offer a lively, friendly and caring community, where innovative teaching is underpinned by strong shared values and complemented by outstanding pastoral care. Hampton aspires to enable its pupils not only to make sense of the world but also to want to go out and improve it. Pupils are expected to aspire to personal best while supporting those around them with kindness.

Society was retained before the pandemic to support the Trust with the appointment of several new Governors to complement the Board’s existing experience and skills base, while also helping to facilitate the retirement of certain Governors due to step down in 2022. The Trust was open to individuals coming from a wide range of backgrounds, but there was a particular need for expertise in business leadership, strategic finance and accounting, law, human resources, public relations/marketing and communications. Diversity was a key consideration for the Board, particularly given its history as a boys’ school.

Society searched nationally for individuals across the various sought-after skills categories. While a connection with Hampton School was not essential, it was preferred, and so we leveraged Hampton’s rich alumni networks, as well as those of its neighbouring girls’ school. We were delighted to present a field of 35 candidates, over a third of whom were women.

Among the six appointed candidates were four Old Hamptonians - David Rey, Colm Walsh, Mark Woolhouse and Rob Alexander – and two Lady Eleanor Holles alumni – Julia Gore Randall and Emma Cremin.

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