Dreams appoints Digital Catapult's CFO as a Non-Executive for their Digital Board

Noeline Sanders, CFO of Digital Catapult and a veteran financial leader within cutting edge technology firms has joined the 'Digital Board' of bed retailer Dreams.

Dreams' recent history is the stuff retail legend is made of: a business taken from the brink of administration and returned to double digit EBITDA in less than 18 months by their visionary Chief Executive Mike Logue. Mike is a passionate retailer and believes in the customer and team experience above all else. As the firm looks to maintain its staggering growth and to continue to deliver a best-in-class consumer experience, they are turning to digital and innovative technology to jazz up their instore and online customer journey. Mike wanted a 'Digital Board' full of experts in this field who not only share his passion, but crucially can act upon it.

If you are in the UK, and involved in ground-breaking tech discoveries, you will certainly have heard of, and indeed most likely interacted with Digital Catapult. Noeline was an obvious professional for us to approach for this brief. A remarkable C-level leader with proven expertise in, and a passion for next generation technology, and how it is integrated into commercial business.

Noeline has sat at the financial helm of many of the sector's giants. Her role as the first UK CFO for Apple during the 1990’s placed her on the global talent radar, and a series of ever more impressive roles followed. Her current role involves working in partnership with global giants like Microsoft and Google, as Digital Catapult helps realise previously unattainable goals for SME talent by funding and facilitating partnerships.

Noeline is excited to take up this Non-Executive post alongside her permanent role.

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