Vibrant and diverse, the Not-for-Profit sector enables the foundations of a healthy civil society and increasingly drives transformational change and innovation in our interconnected world.

We have partnered with not-for-profits from the USA to the Global South, ranging from international NGOs to local social enterprises, and we're dedicated to finding talented people for the sector that combine commerciality, entrepreneurialism and passion. We are also firmly committed to leveraging Society’s wider networks and moving talent across sector boundaries.

Connecting exceptional people with purpose-driven organizations is an essential part of how our firm seeks to make a positive difference itself. We are particularly interested in the role that place-based organizations can play in creating thriving and sustainable communities all over the world, and our networks in this ‘Community Development’ arena are particularly strong. 

We are also deeply interested in supporting organizations that champion personal empowerment, social justice, enterprise, and responsible investment through their work.