Working with purpose-driven organisations is at the very core of our company’s ethos and values.

Vibrant and diverse, the Not-for-Profit sector enables the foundations of a healthy civil society and increasingly drives transformational change and innovation in our interconnected world. We have partnered with not-for-profits from the USA to the Global South, ranging from international NGOs to community-based social enterprises, and we're committed to finding talented people for the sector that combine commerciality, entrepreneurialism and passion.

Our work tends to focus on Board and Director-level appointments, spanning Programmes, Advocacy, Fundraising, Operations, Resources and Research, as well as emerging areas of focus, such as Cash Transfer Analysis, Resource Mobilisation and theory of change-based M&E. We are sensitive to the particular nuances of working with faith-based organisations, and our firm's cross-sector reach makes us especially well-placed to assist charities looking for people to lead large operations and revenue generating activities. As a firm, we're genuinely committed to supporting this sector, both by launching The Society Foundation - a registered charity to which we give 10% of our profits - and, in several cases, by acting as charity trustees.  

Sample Appointments

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