Higher Education

Higher Education is an arena of transformation, be it in the form of students unlocking their potential, researchers pushing forward the boundaries of human knowledge, or enterprise activities that act as a vital catalyst to economic prosperity.

Staggeringly complex, and yet each unique, higher education institutions are pioneers, curators, and engines of growth, change and progress.

Competition for talent in the Higher Education sector is now genuinely global and increasingly fierce. We work with both public and private universities and colleges, across the globe, supporting them across all academic and administrative activity. This ranges from Provost, Director and Dean appointments, through to working at departmental level to support the appointment of faculty in niche, hard-to-fill areas. We appreciate that academic appointments are qualitatively different, and so we take a flexible and bespoke approach to these which has been proven to get exceptional results. Our track record of academic appointments covers a diverse range of disciplines, from the Economics of the Built Environment through to Neurorehabilition, and from Forensic Computing through to Gender Studies. We are proud of this breadth and celebrate it as an essential part of our values, and who we are, both as a team and as an organization.

Sample Appointments

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