They say that ‘money makes the world go round’, and they’re probably right. This is why we have built up extensive expertise in Finance, both as a sector and as a professional function. Our work in this area is of a truly global nature - spanning MENA, Europe and the Americas - and we are particularly passionate about partnering with clients on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

In terms of finance as a function, we have established a strong track record of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Finance Director (FD) appointments, but we have also assisted clients on occasion with senior roles in Management Accounting, Controllership, Treasury, and Internal/External Audit. We understand that modern ambitious organizations need finance professionals who are agents of change, not just ‘bean counters’, and these are the networks we have sought to cultivate.

In the Financial Services sector, we work with all manner of financial institutions, from banking and insurance through to investment management, venture capital and private equity. We also assist regulatory bodies, trade associations, and boutique consultancies. With over a decade of experience in this industry, and offices in two of the world’s major financial centers, we are thoroughly aware of how the dual forces of regulation and technology are transforming Finance, and of how competition for talent has never been more fierce.