Society has joined thousands of B Corps around the world in declaring a climate emergency. We have also publically committed to reaching Net Zero by 2030 at the latest. An important part of that process is calculating and sharing our carbon footprint on an annual basis and setting our a clear action plan.

In 2022, we partnered with Supercritical to measure, reduce, and offset our emissions. They determined that over the course of 12 months our business was reasponsible for 44 tonnes of CO2. That’s the equivalent of powering 14 homes for a whole year. Since we do not own or manage any buildings or vehicles, all of our emissions fall into what is called ‘Scope 3’ – emissions from our corporate value chain. In 2022, 36% of our emissions were created by business travel.  

A pie chart showing the breakdown of Society's emissions in 2022

Armed with this information, we are now reformulating our reduction plan. For those emissions we cannot eliminate, we have agreed only to use verified offsets, emphasising carbon removal projects.