In November, Society held a breakfast event at the House of St Barnabas for a group of senior sales professionals in London’s luxury hospitality segment. We wanted to provide an informative meeting for leaders in the hotel space and partnered with American Express to deliver a thought-provoking talk on current global trends.  

Society is passionate about offering value to the networks and areas we work in. Our invited speaker, Patrick Rush is Director Meetings and Events for American Express Global Business Travel. He talked the group through AmEx's 2020 forecast. The presentation gave guests a look at the preferences and concerns of their clients around the world. Patrick's fascinating insights into the direction of the wider industry were aimed at supporting the decision making of our guests throughout the next year.

The presentation led to an engaging and enjoyable roundtable conversation. We also had the chance to introduce the guests to the inspiring work of The House of St Barnabas and the innovative way in which they assist previously homeless people into stable employment.