Retail and Consumer Goods

We have been active in the Retail and Consumer Goods sector since the earliest days of our firm.

Although our work originally focused just on the UK, it is now highly international and diverse, much like the sector itself. We have handled appointments from Tokyo to Istanbul. Some of our clients are publicly-listed FTSE 100 business. Others are privately owned, which includes both family-run and private equity-backed companies. These clients range in size from huge iconic global brands to small high street boutiques. We pride ourselves on being as comfortable with ‘big box’ clients selling screws and MDF as we are with luxury clients selling handbags and diamonds.

Being effective search partners in this sector requires high levels of speed, flexibility and directness, as well as a really in-depth knowledge of all functions within the modern retail ecosystem. Due to commercial sensitivities, we frequently find ourselves handling confidential assignments which require all potential candidates to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we can even discuss the role with them. This is something we happily take in our stride. We are particularly at home within the commercial, operations, branding, creative, sales, supply chain, OmniChannel and eCommerce areas.    

Sample Appointments

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