We are committed to upholding Equality of Opportunity in all the appointment processes we handle. If you are ever concerned about an accessibility issue (eg. access requirements when physically attending a meeting, or how one of our clients might be able to cater for a candidate with a disability), then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be keen to offer reassurance, or to identify practical solutions.

In terms of our website, we have endeavoured to make it as accessible as possible. If you would benefit from additional assistance, then we strongly recommend that you review the accessibility guidance for your particular web browser. This can be found at the following locations:

The main browsers now all offer screen magnification tools, and the option to change color schemes (eg. for highlighting, or hyperlinks) and fonts. You can also download add-ons or extensions that will enable your computer to convert website text into sound. An example of this would be Browsealoud.

We regret that it is not currently possible to navigate our entire website solely using a keyboard, however this is something that we are continuing to work on. In the majority of instances, using the ‘Tab’ key will allow you to jump from one link to another, or from one box to another on our application forms. The ‘Return’ key can likewise be used to activate link, or controls such as ‘Submit’. You can also use your arrow keys to scroll through the site, and ‘Alt + Arrow Left’ and ‘Alt + Arrow Right’ to move Back and Forward through your browser history.

The following computer functions may also be useful:

  • Sticky Keys: This can facilitate single-handed typing, by ensuring that functions keys, such as "Ctrl" or "Alt", do not need to be pressed at the same time as other keys in order to invoke key combinations.
  • Key Filters: This can help you to avoid erroneous inputs caused by unintentionally pressing/repressing keys due to reduced dexterity or tremors.  
  • On-Screen KeyboardThis allows you to type text or use other keyboard functions by selecting keys on a virtual keyboard using only your mouse.  
  • Using Voice Commands: Software is now available that will allow you to trigger certain computer commands and navigation functions using only your voice. 
  • Spelling/Grammar Checkers: If you have dyslexia, or other challenges with writing/spelling, then you may wish to consider using a spelling/grammar checker in order to prepare online submissions before copying and pasting it into web fields.