Particularly for mid-level roles, we recognise that a full executive search approach may not always be affordable or appropriate. For clients who are in a hurry, or on a tight budget, we have therefore developed our ‘research-only’ model. This is a quicker and lighter touch process in which we still conduct a pro-active headhunt, but you then progress straight to a shortlist. In other words, we bring good candidates to the table, and then you take them forward to a successful appointment under the stewardship of your own in-house HR team.


A research-only process typically consists of the following stages:  

  • we take an in-depth briefing from you over the phone;
  • we conduct an extensive headhunt, making use of both our existing networks and creative research (this is sometimes undertaken in parallel with a public advertisement);
  • at the conclusion of the research phase, we sift all the candidate CVs and produce a preliminary grading;
  • we then send you all the candidate paperwork electronically;
  • you confirm which people you wish to take forward to interview, and we turn down any unsuccessful candidates;
  • you progress straight to formal interview with your chosen shortlist of candidates.


Typical costs for an assignment of this nature range from between £6,000 to £12,000 GBP. Our fees are always agreed up-front. There’s no additional fee payable upon the appointment of your chosen candidate, and our fees don’t vary in relation to salary levels. Furthermore, there are no additional fees to pay in the event that you choose to appoint more than one of the candidates we introduce to you. This can make a research-only process a really cost-effective way of building up a team.


Searches are usually spread out over around four to six weeks, however this can usually be shortened if necessary, and we are always happy to agree timescales up-front. Where a client is recruiting to more than one role, there can sometimes be efficiencies and economies of scale. We are very comfortable running multiple appointments at the same time.  

If you’re interested in learning more then please click on the image below to open a short booklet about this approach, or call us for an informal conversation.

Our Research-Only Booklet


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