Our Values

Our Values

We believe that organisations can have a positive societal impact, and that careers should have purpose and meaning. Our goal is to change the world for the better – one appointment at a time.

We’ve given a lot of thought to how we want to do business.  It boils down to five core values. You can find out more about them by clicking on the headings below:


We’re a close-knit team, not just a collection of individuals. We collaborate and share expertise across sector boundaries. We also work in genuine partnership with our clients, remaining communicative and transparent throughout the appointment process.


We’re not 'salesy'. We ensure that our clients meet the colleagues who will actually lead our work for them. We hire people who are genuine and personable. We value being trustworthy and approachable.


We treat people as people, not as a means to an end. We’re fair and straightforward in our dealings with clients and candidates. We never 'blag'.  If we don't know something then we'll admit it. We also seek to practise what we preach.


Excellent search involves effective storytelling. We listen to the nuance of each brief, put bespoke research into every project, and think outside the box when sourcing great people. We also embrace technology and regularly look for innovative ways to use it, as a firm, and for our clients.


We’re all about the details. We take in-depth briefings. We follow up leads and leave no stone unturned when searching. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. You can always count on us to be thorough.  



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