Working with purpose-driven organisations is at the very core of our company’s ethos and values. Vibrant and diverse, the Not-for-Profit sector enables the foundations of a healthy civil society and increasingly drives transformational change and innovation in our interconnected world. We have partnered with not-for-profits from the USA to the Global South, ranging from international NGOs to community-based social enterprises, and we're committed to finding talented people for the sector that combine commerciality, entrepreneurialism and passion.

Our work tends to focus on Board and Director-level appointments, spanning Programmes, Advocacy, Fundraising, Operations, Resources and Research, as well as emerging areas of focus, such as Cash Transfer Analysis, Resource Mobilisation and theory of change-based M&E. We are sensitive to the particular nuances of working with faith-based organisations, and our firm's cross-sector reach makes us especially well-placed to assist charities looking for people to lead large operations and revenue generating activities. As a firm, we're genuinely committed to supporting this sector, both by launching The Society Foundation - a registered charity to which we give 10% of our profits - and, in several cases, by acting as charity trustees.  

Recent Case Study

Alison Mohammed

In 2015, Society worked with leading housing and homelessness charity Shelter on the appointment of Alison Mohammed as their new Director of Services.

This critical senior management role sits alongside Chief Executive Campbell Robb to develop and oversee Shelter’s advice, representation and support services.    Shelter retained Society after their direct efforts to fill the role proved unsuccessful and there was a pressing need to fill a gap in their senior team.  By developing a thorough understanding of the role's scope and prospects and advising on the Candidate Pack, we were able to speak meaningfully about the position with those who fit the needed profile, but who often weren't 'on the market'.  These efforts led us to Alison.

Alison commented: "Tanya from Society talked through the issues with me, taking my own wishes very much into account, as well as those of the client, so I never felt I was being railroaded into going for a job that wasn't really suitable for me.  I felt as though Tanya really wanted to get the best for me, as well as for Shelter, and just nudged me gently into thinking about a job I probably wouldn't have considered otherwise."

Alison joined Shelter from Rethink Mental Illness, where she had beeen Chief Operating Officer since 2012 and previously Director of Services.  Prior to joining Rethink, she worked for Mencap, and before that she was Chief Executive of Hammersmith PCG within the NHS. 

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