Between them, our team of experienced consultants and researchers have handled hundreds of successful appointments across a wide range of different sectors and functions. We are happy to provide a more detailed track record upon request.

We aspire to work with a fascinating and diverse mix of organisations, including the world’s most responsible businesses, and its most exciting purpose-driven organisations.

The sort of clients we dream of recruiting for are:

  • well governed, law abiding businesses that recognise their wider responsibilities and are trying to have a positive impact on the world around them;
  • influential and effective charities that are achieving meaningful social change;
  • educational institutions that are enhancing people’s life chances, promoting the value of critical enquiry, and producing the next generation of leaders in civil society;
  • organisations that are producing research or new technologies with the potential to transform the world around us for the better;
  • local authorities, Government departments, and other public sector bodies that are striving to improve civil society and to build a stronger, fairer economy.

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