Society provides a full range of search, selection and recruitment services. Our exact approach is always tailored to the needs of the specific client in question. We don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Nevertheless, clients typically require a variation on one or more of the following:

But why use a retained search firm in the first place? Well, it’s worth remembering that there are actually two types of candidate: active candidates and passive candidates. Active candidates have made a conscious decision to find a new role. As such they will be looking at job adverts and networking furiously. Passive candidates are much more elusive. They’re usually busy people, currently giving little thought to their next job move.  Public advertisements and contingent recruitment firms only succeed in accessing active candidates. A retained executive search firm like Society can add value by reaching out to passive candidates as well.

Through a process of creative research, patient courtship, and persuasive advocacy, we are able to help you move beyond appointing only ‘the usual suspects’. We can cast the net as widely as you want, unconstrained by sector or geographical boundaries. And what all this effort delivers will be a larger, higher calibre, and more diverse field of candidates for you to appoint from.

We also take the time to get to know our clients in real detail. This allows us to tell your story in an authentic and compelling way. It also empowers us to find people who aren’t just theoretically qualified to do the job in question, but who will also genuinely fit with your organisational culture and values. Over time, we can even become ‘virtual insiders’, knowing you almost better than you know yourselves. This allows us to add value by occasionally challenging your assumptions and giving you useful feedback from the marketplace that can enrich your decision-making and strategic thinking.


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